Performances & classes

Swing Toronto and Mostly Waltz are happy to provide dance performances, dance lessons, and dance animators for your special event! We are also happy to give workshops, classes and demos for schools. We have been doing this for many years.

We provide performances of Lindy Hop (classic swing dance) with air steps (acrobatics) and tricks, Blues Dance (with lifts and tricks), Viennese Waltz, Polka, Peabody and other dances. We have for many years provided performances for all kinds of special events, in major downtown hotels, at City Hall, at large community centers and banquet halls, and elsewhere, for corporations, charities, non-profit organizations, clubs and fundraisers.

We are happy to provide classes and courses in Lindy Hop (the classic swing dance of the Swing Era which is also done all around the world today), Charleston, Viennese Waltz, Cross-step Waltz, Air Steps and Tricks, Blues Dance, Polka, Ragtime Dancing (1910s), Jazz Age dances (1920s), Peabody, Balboa and Bal Trot, and Victorian Era Dance.

Ask us about your special event.

We are also happy to provide private lessons, including for wedding dances.

We are also happy to recommend the best live bands for your special event.

We always get a very positive response to our performances and lessons. Here is a comment regarding a special event in Toronto at which we performed Blues Dance and Lindy Hop in April, 2016: “Hello Simon and Carlynn, We wanted to thank you again for your amazing performance on Saturday. It was greatly enjoyed by the crowd and we got amazing feedback. Hope you are able to do it again next year. :)” Agnes Fodor (the organizer of the event).

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