Roaring 20s (1920s) Party!

This special event is postponed til after the pandemic. Stay tuned, it will happen and will be the cat’s pajamas!

It would have featured The Tuba Machine Dance Orchestra!
Plus beginner classes and more!

It was scheduled for Sunday April 5th, 2020, 1:30pm to 6:30pm, Trinity St. Paul’s, 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

  • Live Band Dance Party 3:30pm to 6:30pm, featuring the wonderful Tuba Machine Dance Orchestra! This is the first time this excellent band is playing at a Swing Toronto event!
  • Dance lessons 1:30pm to 3:30pm, in fun easy-to-learn partner dances of the Roaring 20s!
  • No prior experience is needed, absolute beginners are welcome, and there is no need to bring your own dance partners.
  • Lessons Schedule. 1:30pm: Charleston. 1:50pm: Jazz Age Two Step (fun and easy-to-learn, very popular in the Jazz Age). 2:3opm: Jazz Age Fox Trot (the basic step is just walking) and Peabody (a brilliant and fun version of Jazz Age Fox Trot).
  • Big and excellent dance hall with a great wood dance floor, very high ceiling and a stage for the band! One or two blocks west of Spadina. Right across Bloor Street from the west exit of the Spadina subway stop on the Bloor subway line.
  • Coming in 1920s style attire is encouraged, but optional. Modern attire is also perfectly good.
  • The music will be great for Roaring 20s dances, Lindy Hoppers and swing dancing.
  • Dance performance by Vintage Taps.
  • Prizes for best 1920s style outfits.
  • PDF of the poster.
  • Prices: $20 for the Party and lessons (take as many or few of the lessons as you like), $15 for the Party only. $5 off of the price for full-time students with I.D.  (We have dispensed with any need to get advance tickets for this, as we are uncertain of the future due to Covid 19. Although you can register in advance at Saturday Night Swing, paying at the door at the same price is perfectly fine.)
  • Facebook.
  • Photos and comments on the Roaring 20s New Years Eve Ball 2020.

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About 1920s dances!

  • In the 1920s almost everyone danced, so they needed fun easy-to-learn dances that almost everyone could do.
  • Jazz Age Fox Trot is the main dance of the 1920s. The basic step is just walking. It can be done to almost any tempo, is highly adaptable and full of possibilities. It can also be called Jazz Age One Step, but in the 20s Fox Trot was the cool and in name. Peabody is a brilliant version of Jazz Age Fox Trot and One Step done to tempos from middling to very fast.
  • Here is a great short film clip of 1920s Two Step and Shimmie, two very popular easy-to-learn dances of The Roaring 20s.
  • Charleston is another very popular dance of the 1920s.
  • Lindy Hop is the classic swing dance of the late 1920s, the 1930s and the 1940s, and is done by Lindy Hoppers all around the world today.  It comes out of earlier Afro-American swing dancing done all through the 1920s and going back to 1910s Texas Tommy Swing.
  • Here are Chad Fasca and Midori Asakura (two of Swing Toronto’s favourite dance teachers, dancers and historians of early 2oth century dance, in the world), doing Peabody, 1920s partner Charleston, Rhythm Tap Lindy Hop, and Lindy Hop.
  • Here’s a great short film clip about the Roaring 20s Dance Craze. And another.
  • 1920s superstar Josephine Baker dancing in 1926 or 27 in Paris.

What to wear!

  • Come in 1920s inspired attire, or modern attire, as you please. If you’d like to come 1920s style, you could come dapper or as a flapper. Men often wore boater hats, women often wore headbands, turbans and other headware. Women often wore men’s style shirts, ties and pants or knickerbockers. Come as Gatsby or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or as a gangster, or as Wooster or Jeeves. Or wear a tuxedo (either dinner jacket or tails) as many did at 1920s balls and parties. Or anything 1920s or 1920s inspired. Modern attire is also perfectly good.
  • If you’d like to see some images, suggestions and links about dressing 1920s style, see the 1920s Attire page.

At the hugely popular multi-floored Roaring 20s New Years Eve Ball 2020!
We organized the live music, the dance lessons, parts of the decor, and some of the other aspects of the ball

The amazing 1920s!

  • The 1920s are one of the most amazing decades in history! It is the decade of great Jazz Age music and dance coming mostly from Afro-American culture, dancers and musicians!
  • It is the decade of the Charleston craze and the creation of Lindy Hop, and of much else in dancing.
  • And of Art Deco.
  • And of Prohibition and speakeasies.
  • It is the decade of the Flappers, with women having more freedom and equality than in thousands of years. The Flappers and the 1920s Feminist Revolution.
  • The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing the right of women to vote was passed in August 1920, after decades of protest by the Suffragettes. Voting rights for women also made major headway in Canada and much of the world.
  • It is the decade of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and other great works such as Wodehouse’s Wooster and Jeeves stories. And of great silent movies often played with live accompaniment on piano, and of radio broadcasting and other technological marvels that changed the world.
  • Josephine Baker singing in recordings from 1926 and 27 when she was about 20 years old: “Blue Skies,” “Bye Bye Blackbird,” “I’ll Be Happy,” “After I Say I’m Sorry,” and “Dinah.”
  • One of the wonderful 1920s recording of Yellow Dog Blues with some fun 20s photos, a 1920 recording. Crazy Rhythm with some great 20s images. Following You Around. Back Beats. Last Night on Back Porch. Vo-Do-Do-Di-O Blues. Crazy Blues (1920, first record featuring a Afro-American blues vocalist). The Mooche performed by Duke Ellington et at in 1928. Pudacah 1928.

PDF of draft poster.

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