All rules are in effect unless otherwise stated.

Limited Capacity

All venue capacity will be limited.

Arrive Early

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can complete all the COVID protocols and start on time.


You must show proof of being double vaccinated by at least 14 days before the lessons or dance parties, along with photo ID.


Please assume that you must wear a mask at all times, including social dancing.*

Courses & Workshops

There is no partner rotation at Trinity-St Paul's, and for all events there you must team up with one other person for the class. Partner rotation is an option at all other venues, but for courses and workshops you still need to team up with one other person to ensure lead-follow balance, and to ensure you will have someone to dance with.

Dance Parties

Partner changes are permitted at our dance parties.

Social Distance

Please stay at least two meters away from everyone else, except with your partner.

* Teacher(s) may remove their mask while teaching and demonstrating so that they can communicate more effectively.