Lindy Hop, Charleston

David’s first exposure to partnered dance was in 2007 at the University of Western Ontario swing dance club, because a peer virtually dragged him out. Just two short years later, he was teaching the very same classes he learned from. After graduating, David returned to his home-city Toronto, where he continued to learn and grow as a dancer; attending swing dance classes from the city’s best, workshops from world renowned professionals, and trying his luck with local competitions. When his personal life had him move overseas, he was able to gain more international swing dance exposure in Japan between 2013 and 2019, and Finland from 2019 to 2022, where he was able to share his experience with dance workshops, and participate in performance troupes. He has now returned to Toronto with a fresh bounce in his step, looking to continue to grow the swing dance community! He considers himself a life-long-learner, and you can still find him participating in lessons and workshops. David understands that different people may have different needs when it comes to dance step instruction, so he will always try to teach steps with multiple methods to help it click easier. Regardless, David will always emphasize the importance of comfort and enjoyment of the dance for all regardless of ability.