Swing Toronto has been putting on events for over ten years!

At Swing Toronto we take pride in offering a welcoming atmosphere to everyone, from the most inexperienced novice to long time social dance enthusiasts. Our events are among the most established and terrifically fun dances in the city of Toronto, and many would agree that they’re among Toronto’s best kept secrets.

Dancing at Dovercourt House


Dovercourt House

Prior to the pandemic, Saturday Night Swing featuring excellent swing bands and beginner classes was held at Dovercourt House.

Unfortunately, Dovercourt House has not survived the pandemic as a venue for dance parties. Google map.


Hop To Toronto Documentary

Watch this documentary about building a swing dance community. Jump into Toronto’s early Lindy Hop scene and watch the community evolve over four years. The documentary captures the creation of a Lindy hop community, with the celebrations and events that fill this scene with friendship and energy.

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