The Chapel,
Hurndale Room,
Jackman Room &
The Gymnasium
Eastminster United Church

310 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N6

A two minute walk from the Chester subway stop, in the heart of The Danforth.

Hurndale Room, Jackman Room, and The Gymnasium
Enter the church from the doors on Jackman Avenue, which is on the east side of the church, one block west of Chester and the Chester subway stop.

The Chapel
Enter the church from front door on The Danforth, and go up the stairs.

COVID-19 Venue Protocols
Proof of Vaccination NOT Required

We are no longer checking proof of vaccination.

Masks Optional

Please wear a mask when dancing or conversing with someone wearing a mask, as a courtesy to them.

Rotation Allowed

Partner rotation is allowed. In lessons, one part of the room will be designated for those who prefer to rotate partners, and another for those that prefer not to.

Socal Distancing Encouraged

Keeping a distance of at least two meters from others is encouraged when not dancing or conversing.