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Saturday Night Swing is suspended pending further notice. This is in compliance with Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam and other relevant public health officials  recommending social distancing (keeping two meters or more distance from other people) and avoiding non-essential gatherings of people, in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The virus can be spread by breathing near to someone who has the virus, and who may have no symptoms. The recommended social distance to keep is two meters or more. The risk of infection in Toronto is at this time low (March 13, 2020). It was also considered low not long ago in Italy.

We are the friendly producers of terrifically fun dance events in Toronto including Saturday Night Swing on Saturday nights. Or at least we were and hope to be again.

Black Lives Matter!
Move Together panel discussion – Black Lives Matter in LindylandVideo on Facebook (panel discussion starts at 8 minutes in)

See our facebook pages for online Lindy Hop events 

Some great Pandemic videos:
Lizzy & The Triggermen Dance Song for the end of the world
Naughty Swing dancing to
Busy Line

We take pride in offering a welcoming atmosphere to everyone, from the absolute beginner, to long time social dance enthusiasts, to those just looking for a good night out.

Saturday Night Swing!

  • Saturday Nights at Dovercourt House featuring Toronto’s best swing bands and excellent beginner swing dance classes with Southern Ontario’s best Lindy Hop teachers! We hope this series will start again after the pandemic.
  • Live music, no experience necessary, no need to bring your own dance partners, a welcoming social atmosphere and an absolutely memorable night out… Toronto’s best kept secret! Licensed bar.
  • Beginner dance classes 7pm to 9pm, Charleston 7pm, Lindy Hop 8pm. Dance Party 9:05pm to 12:10am.
  • Lindy Hop, the classic joyful dance of the Swing Era, is the most popular swing dance at Saturday Night Swing and around the world.
  • The official alcoholic beverage of Saturday Night Swing is the Charlie Foster, invented by a Saturday Night Swing bar-tender years ago. There’s also a non-alcohol version.

Lindy Hop workshops!

  • When Lindy Hop and other relevant dance workshops and classes return to Toronto we will post them here. In the meantime lessons and special events are being presented online (though not by us). See the Swing Toronto facebook page.

Roaring 20s Jazz Age Dance Party postponed to a future date after the virus!

  • The Roaring 20s New Years Eve Ball was wonderful and a total blast! We plan to hold a Roaring 20s (Jazz Age) Party post-pandemic!
  • It’ll be the cat’s pajamas!
  • Features beginner classes in easy-to-learn Roaring 20s dance crazes!
  • Full details.
  • Facebook.

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Waltz Events!

Air Steps, Lifts, Dips, Tricks and Drops Workshops – stay tuned for the next one!

  • Webpage with student comments and other details.

Performances, workshops, courses and lessons for special events!

  • After the pandemic we will be happy to provide performances, workshops, courses and lessons for special events and for schools. We do Swing Era, Jazz Age (Great Gatsby, 1920s), Waltz, Ragtime Era, and Victorian Era social dance, and we do air steps, lifts and tricks for swing and other dancing. See our performances and classes page.

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