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Lindy Hop Courses start Tuesday September 28 and Wednesday September 29, 2021!

  • One beginner course and one intermediate course each evening!
  • Beginner 7pm to 8pm. Absolute beginners welcome. No prior experience needed.
  • Intermediate 8pm to 9pm. Prerequirement for the intermediate courses: you were doing Lindy Hop prior to the pandemic for at least a few months.
  • Facebook event for the courses.
  • Location: Trinity St-Paul’s Center, 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto (just west of Spadina). Live and in person!
  • Courses are five weeks long, and end on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of October.

Further details below and at the facebook event. Registration details below.

We are the friendly producers of terrifically fun dance events in Toronto. Or at least we were before the pandemic and will be again.

See our facebook pages for online Lindy Hop events and for outdoor places to dance in Toronto!

We take pride in offering a welcoming atmosphere to everyone, from the absolute beginner, to long time social dance enthusiasts, to those just looking for a good night out.

Lindy Hop courses start Tuesday September 28 and Wednesday September 29, 2021!

  • Lindy Hop Beginner Course each evening 7pm to 8pm! Suitable for absolute beginners. No prior experience needed.
  • Lindy Hop Intermediate Course each evening 8pm to 9pm! Prerequirement: You were doing Lindy Hop for at least a few months prior to the pandemic.
  • Trinity-St Paul’s Center, 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto. In the large dance hall (aka “the gym”). Big and excellent sprung wood dance floor, high ceiling, main floor. By subway is it just across Bloor Street from the west exit of the Spadina subway stop, which is at an intersection of Toronto’s two main subway lines.
  • Catherine Carriere & Mark Winward teach the Tuesday courses. Each course is 5 classes, September 28 to October 5.
  • Rizwan Dar & Gabrielle teach the Wednesday courses. Each course is 5 classes, September 29 to October 6.
  • Lindy Hop, the classic joyful dance of the Swing Era, is the most popular swing dance in Toronto and around the world today.
  • Covid rules in effect. Must be double vaccinated by two weeks before start of course, and provide proof of vaccination. No partner rotation so you need to team up with someone for the course. Covid rules subject to public health updates.
  • As there is no partner rotation you need to team up with a partner for a course. Feel free to ask us to help you find a partner (specify the course and night you would like and whether you wish to follow or lead), and if you are on facebook do post at the facebook event invite that you seek a partner for a course (specify the course, the night and whether you wish to follow or lead).
  • $65 per course (5 classes). $55 for full-time students with ID.
  • Register online by etransfer to lindycoursestoronto at gmail dot com. In a separate email (which can be sent first) indicate which course(s) on which night you are registering for, who your partner is, and what the password for the etransfer is. (Registration opened September 7 at 4pm.)
  • Courses may sell out. *** The Wednesday beginner course at 7pm is already full, except for two followers who are registered and need leads. There are still spaces for followers and leads in all the other courses.

Swing dance parties!

  • Stay tuned for swing dance parties indoors with live bands, and with drop-in beginner classes before the party. For now we are social dancing outdoors where swing bands play. Saturday Night Swing had to be cancelled at the start of the pandemic, we are not sure when and where the new version of Saturday Night Swing will resume. See our facebook pages for outdoor places to dance in Toronto!

Roaring 20s Jazz Age Dance Party postponed to a future date after the Pandemic!

  • The Roaring 20s New Years Eve Ball was wonderful and a total blast! We plan to hold a Roaring 20s (Jazz Age) Party post-pandemic! Date and place tba.
  • It’ll be the cat’s pajamas!
  • Features beginner classes in easy-to-learn Roaring 20s dance crazes!
  • Full details.
  • Facebook.

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Waltz Events!

  • We hope there will be a monthly Waltz Dance Party after the pandemic with drop-in beginner classes before the Party, and Waltz workshops from time to time. Details tba.
  • Cross-step Waltz across Russia, October, 2020, to “The Leaves of October.”
  • Facebook. Webpage.

Air Steps, Lifts, Dips, Tricks and Drops Workshops – stay tuned for the next one!

  • Webpage¬†with student comments and other details.

Performances, workshops, courses and lessons for special events!

  • After the pandemic we will be happy to provide performances, workshops, courses and lessons for special events and for schools. We do Swing Era, Jazz Age (Great Gatsby, 1920s), Waltz, Ragtime Era, and Victorian Era social dance, and we do air steps, lifts and tricks for swing and other dancing. See our performances and classes page.

Some great Pandemic videos (although the pandemic continues these videos perhaps already seem from another age):
Lizzy & The Triggermen Dance Song for the end of the world
Naughty Swing dancing to
Busy Line

Black Lives Matter! Move Together panel discussion – Black Lives Matter in LindylandVideo on Facebook (panel discussion starts at 8 minutes in)

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