Welcome to Swing Toronto!

We are the friendly producers of some of the most established and terrifically fun dance events in the city of Toronto, including Saturday Night Swing!
Formerly known as Odd Socks, at Swing Toronto we take pride in offering a welcoming atmosphere to everyone, from the most inexperienced novice to long time social dance enthusiasts.

Saturday Night Swing!

  • Every Saturday Night at Dovercourt House featuring Toronto’s best swing bands and excellent beginner swing dance classes!
  • Live music, no experience necessary, no need to bring your own dance partners, a welcoming social atmosphere and an absolutely memorable night out… Toronto’s best kept secret! Licensed bar.
  • Beginner dance classes 7pm to 9pm, Charleston 7pm, Lindy Hop 8pm. Dance Party 9:10pm to 1am.
  • Lindy Hop, the classic joyful dance of the Swing Era, is the most popular swing dance at Saturday Night Swing and around the world.

Friday Night Swing!

  • Every 2nd Friday of the month is Friday Night Swing at Dovercourt House on the first floor!
  • Live swing bands, with an emphasis on bands we cannot get on Saturday nights. Same welcoming vibe as Saturdays, and like Saturdays no prior experience is needed and there is no need to bring your own dance partners.
  • Same schedule as Saturdays, except the 7pm beginner class is in Blues Dance (rather than Charleston as on Saturdays). Blues Dancing is done at Friday Night Swing and Saturday Night Swing, usually to some of the slower more bluesy songs that are played. Blues dancing goes back over 100 years and is enjoying a world-wide resurgence today.

Special Swing Events!

        • From time to Swing Toronto presents special events, including Airs Steps & Tricks Lindy Hop workshops! Dates tba (none scheduled for May or June).
        • World Lindy Hop Day Toronto Weekend May 22-23-24! Presented by Toronto Lindy Hop.

Waltz Events!

  • Waltz Dance Parties with beginner classes one Friday night a month at Dovercourt House! Do some of the best and most fun partner dancing ever. No prior experience is needed, and there is no need to bring your own dance partners.
  • In depth beginner and intermediate waltz workshops some Saturday afternoons at Dovercourt House, 3pm to 6pm!

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