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Mostly Waltz Toronto workshops and dances are suspended due to recommendations from public health authorities regarding social distancing (two meters or more) and avoiding non-essential gatherings.

Possibly Saturday afternoon workshops with small groups of people may continue as scheduled on March 21 and 28 and in April. But please don’t plan on that as the future is uncertain and we are taking direction from the statements of Toronto Public Health, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam and her Ontario counterpart.

The virus can be spread by breathing near to people who are infected, and who may not have symptoms.


  • Come to the monthly Friday Night Waltz Dance Party! There are beginner lessons before the Dance, typically a Cross-step Waltz lesson at 7pm and a Viennese Waltz lesson at 8pm. The Dance is from 9:10pm to 11:30pm. Do some of the best and most fun partner dances ever to great music of the 21st, 20th and 19th centuries!
  • Come to the Saturday afternoon Waltz workshops! They are held about twice a month, from 3pm to 6pm.
  • See the Waltz Schedule for dates and details.

There is no need to bring your own dance partners. No prior experience is needed (except for Saturday afternoon workshops where a pre-requirement is stated). All our events are at Dovercourt House which is close to subway and parking, and has a large sprung wood dance floors.

Viennese Waltz is possibly the best, most fun, and most romantic partner dance ever, popular from the early 19th century onwards, and done to tempos from medium to fast. We teach and do traditional Viennese Waltz.

Cross-step Waltz is a new way of doing Waltz, and is the favourite Waltz style of many people. It is usually done to slower tempos than Viennese.

We also like and teach Polka, Ragtime Dancing, Blues Dance, Peabody, Schottische, and other partner dances.

For your special event or wedding dance

As well as presenting our own events we are happy to help you with your wedding dance, and to provide lessons, dance animators and performances for your special event, whether it features Viennese Waltz, or a Victorian, Ragtime, Roaring 20s, Flapper, Swing, 1950s, Blues or Polka theme. We are also happy to refer you to excellent live bands suited for special events involving dance.

Mostly Waltz Email List

If you’d like to be notified of upcoming waltz events, please email mostlyw@gmail.com and let us know!

Student comments about one of our workshops

“What a fantastic introduction to Viennese Waltz! Thank you so much to Bonnie and Simon for breaking it down into such easy-to-follow steps and ensuring we all knew what we were doing as we progressed through the workshop. The best part of this is that you learn enough after just one workshop to easily waltz all evening! Looking forward to the next one!” Jill, March 2014

“I enjoyed the Viennese Waltz beginners workshop very much. Both teachers, Bonnie & Simon, taught very straight-forwardly and were easy to follow, and wonderfully patient & understanding with us. A great, welcoming introduction to waltz. I look forward to bringing my friends to the next one” Zakota, March 2014

Comment on the monthly Waltz Dance and beginner classes

“We enjoyed last night Soooo much!! It’s great to try new things / not to have preconceived ideas! I was so worried that the waltzes were going to be difficult .. BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Teachers + classes were 👍👍👍
Thanks for inviting us …!”  Dona & Eugine, October 12, 2019.

Some videos of Waltz and other dances

Gone With the Wind (Viginia Reel followed by Viennese Waltz)
Viennese Waltz in Highschool Musical 3
Accelerating Waltz – at Stanford Jammix
Some Cross-step Waltz variations with Richard Powers & Angela Amarillas
Bohemian National Polka at Stanford Viennese Ball 2010
The original Gallopade from 1829 at 2014 Samara Dance Week in Russia taught by Richard Powers
Waltz scene in War and Peace, 1966/67 movie, Soviet Union. More waltz from a later
War and Peace movie.

Some Waltz music we like

Dimitri Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite (2nd Waltz)
Flora’s Secret – Enya
Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Postmodern Jukebox
Fade Into You – Scarlett & Gunnar
Blue Danube
Merry Widow Waltz
Under the Bridges of Paris – Eartha Kitt
Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux – Jill Barber
Log Driver’s Waltz – Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Black Velvet Band – Christy Moore & Dubliners
Piano Man – Billy Joel
The Times They Are A Changin’ – Blackmore’s Night
Montmartre – Ian Whitcomb
In the Good Old Days When Times Were Bad – Merle Haggard
Army Dreamers – Kate Bush
On the Sidewalks of New York – Nat King Cole
Das schlechte Gewissen – Annett Louisan
Aram Katchaturian’s Masquerade Waltz


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