Air Steps & Tricks Lindy Workshops

Air Steps and Tricks Lindy Hop workshops!

Air Steps and Tricks workshop Saturday January 5, 2019!
3pm to 5:30pm. Facebook invite.
Teachers: Simon & Carlynn.

We think this is some of the best and most fun stuff in partner dance, (though it is not suited for everyone).

Comments from people who took Simon, Cheryl and Katherine’s January 8, 2011 workshop in Tricks, Drops, Floorials, Lifts and Dips:
“So clear and concise. A real joy to learn from this group.” ~ Paul
“I can’t wait!!! This was SO much fun last year 🙂 EXCITED!!!!!” ~ Dee
“Thank you for an amazing class! Please keep on doing these regularly – would love to do an airstep class!” ~ Sabrina
“Great instruction and some really fun exercise. Definitely doing this again.” ~ Jon
“Thanks for a great class Simon, Cheryl and Katherine. It was lots of fun and very challenging!” ~ Cheryl

Comments from people who took Simon & Cheryl’s December 6, 2014 Floorials and Drops Workshop (the last workshop in our Fall Air Steps and Tricks series):
“Best class ever! This series is very fun!” Alex
“What a romp! Super fun.” Barb
“Thanks so much Simon and Cheryl! Fantastic instruction with plenty of one on one feedback and a great focus on safety. Can’t wait for the next one!” Jill
“Loved these classes Simon & Cheryl! Never doubt Cheryl! : ) Can’t wait for the next one.” Karen (and two others)
“Thank you so much! I had a great time learning some sweet new tricks … safely : )” Name not left.
“Great class!” G.K.
“Confident direction, with attention to detail, all while making it look effortless.” Doug

Posted comment from one the people who took Simon & Cheryl’s December 5, 2015 Air Steps & Tricks workshop:
“Great workshop! Thank you Simon and Cheryl! ” ~Michael

This material is of course athletic, and you need to be athletic for these workshops. A student comment from 2011: “They weren’t kidding about the athletic part.”

You need to come with your own dance partner for these workshops (unlike all other workshops and classes, partners do not rotate in air steps and tricks workshops and classes). (It is o.k. to come as a trio with the one lead or the one follower doing double duty.)

Wear athletic or comfortable clothing. For followers running shoes are good (or other shoes with both absorption and traction), except for the floorials where you also need shoes that slide well. Wear things you are comfortable being upside down in. Don’t wear jeans. Leads, wear shoes that have good traction, or at least traction under the heel (rubber soles under the heel are good).

In air steps (aerials) one of the partners, usually the follower, flies or flips in the air. Tricks include lifts, drops, floorials (“floor aerials” which involve falling to or towards the floor for a slide or spin), perches, carries, and low or more extreme dips.


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